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The Earth, Sun and Moon is our ‘Flagship’ primary schools show!

We start by looking at our Earth, it’s size, rotation (speed and direction), it’s distance and relationship with the sun.

We look at what causes DAY and NIGHT, why a year is the length it is, and why we have leap years.

We then look at the Moon, it’s proper name, how it was formed, how craters form and why it is so heavily cratered.

We look at the Apollo missions of the 60’s and 70’s, see footage of men on the Moon including Neil Armstrong’s first steps, as well as men leaving the Moon for the last time in 1972.

We move on to look at the Moons relationship with the Earth, it’s orbital period, it’s rotation period and why it is special. How the Moon phases occur and why there is no dark side of the Moon!

We also discuss briefly future plans for moon exploration and why living on the Moon for more than a few days is very difficult.

The show then moves on to looking at the stars as they are around the time of the show, the prominent constellations visible, and where planets can be found. We also explain where the stars go during the day.

The last section of the show is a trip through the Solar System, but can be a look at the Mayans, Egyptians or Greeks.

Please note, this show is age adjusted, so while the video content may be the same for yrs 3-6 the information given is different and not all concepts mentioned above are given at lower ages (we have described the content of our yr 6 show)

We can also zoom in on any aspect the class teacher feels needs addressing.

Our KS3 show also covers the concept of Seasons the Axial Tilt of the Earth and the Mechanics of the Seasons.

Earth, Sun & Moon

Mobile Planetarium shows for Schools

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