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Our ‘Flagship’ KS4 show

The show is a highly educational, and visually dynamic look into the lives of stars.

The show is in 4 sections;

We start looking at the birth of a star deep in a cold nebula cloud, the mechanics behind star formation, and the conditions critical for a star to form. We look at how the Solar System formed and the timeframe for it’s formation.

We move on to look at the MAIN SEQUENCE, the stable period the occupies the majority of a stars life, how the star creates energy through Nuclear Fusion and how that energy moves inside the star.

We break to look at the night sky around the time of the show, looking at constellations, but also looking at stars visible that show the various stages of star life.

Returning to the ‘video wall’ we now look at the death of Stars. How the size of a star affects both its life length and its death.

We look at Supernovas (type 1&2), The death of sun type stars.

We finish by looking at what comes next–Neutron Stars and Black Holes.

This show also looks at the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram, and shows how to plot the life of a star on the diagram.

The Lives of Stars