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Man in Space is a show based upon exploits of Man since the 1950’s although we begin by looking at the history of rocketry over the ages. We star in Ancient China, Look at rockets during the Napoleonic Wars, before moving to the V2 program of WW2.

The journey begins properly with Sputnik and the early Russian successes. We look at the early American missions culminating with the Apollo missions to the Moon and how the Russians failed with their Moon mission.

We take a long look at the Apollo landings, The late 70’s Apollo-Soyuz missions, and the Mir Space station of the 1980’s before looking at the International Space Station and what the future holds for Man in Space with the Orion project including footage of its first launch.

Along the way we see other nations rockets I/c China and India.

We finish looking at dramatic images of the Earth from the ISS, including spectacular time lapse orbits of the Earth.