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Our Beautiful Earth is and inward look at our planet.

We begin by looking down at our world from the International Space Station, flying over Europe, America and Africa.

We then look closely at our planet and the life that is one it, from the plains of Africa to the depths of the oceans.

We see the planet in all it’s awesome majesty, we stand on the side of active volcanoes, experience hurricanes see the effects of meteorite impacts and earthquakes.

We see stampeding wildebeest, Bald Eagles and clown fish to name but a few.

The show also shows the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, both how, why and what the implications are as well as the true scale of the deforestation.

This show is visually stunning as you can see. It is thought provoking in both how amazing our planet is and how fragile it’s ecosystems are.

This is a must see show for primary to yr 8/9 students.

Our Beautiful Earth