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We operate TWO Solar System shows.

The first is the second portion of most of our primary school (and some KS3) shows.

It is a basic look at the different bodies in the Solar System, We see the Sun and the 8 major planets, some of the Moons and the Asteroids. All in Stunning HD.

The second Solar System show is a stand alone KS3 show.

Here we look at the Solar System in much more detail, How the Sun works, the effects of the Sun on the bodies of the Solar System.

We Look at each planet in detail and why it is the way it is.

We look at where Humans can explore, and why?

We look at the Dwarf Planets, why they are classed as such.

We also look at the outer Solar System, the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud, Comets and the Heliopause, Bow Shock and how the Solar System fits into our local area of Space.

This show highlights Sizes and Distances, and why Human Interstellar travel is in the realms of Science Fiction.

The Solar System