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Mobile planetariums, are also known as star domes. They bring Awe & Wonder to stimulate young (and Old) minds!

Mobile planetariums are transported to different venues and set up in a around 50 minutes. 

Our Auriga Star Dome, mobile planetarium delivers incredible shows to schools, groups and events, on Space, History and other subjects. Since 2002 we have delivered over 12,000 shows to over 400,000 people from toddlers to the elderly. You can be assured of a fully professional service from us (to maintain quality we do not allow other people to deliver our shows)

Mobile Planetarium UK - Auriga Astronomy

We work with YOU, to deliver the best possible experience, inside and outside the Dome, to inspire future generations to continue learning about the wonders of the universe, and more!

Inflatable Planetarium

Most of our shows are presenter led, with a full audio soundtrack. Our Presenter Dave has a passion for space education, he has given talks to nearly half a million people of all ages. When you book, you will be asked to choose from our range of mainly exclusive shows. The presenter will then deliver each show at the appropriate level for the audience.

Our spectacular shows include The Earth in Space, The Solar System, How Stars live and our place in space, we have over 30 mainly exclusive shows to choose from. With us you do not get the same shows that everyone else offers.

Each show lasts 25-40 minutes, but shorter or longer shows can be arranged.

Star Dome

We are often booked by teachers, group leaders and event organisers who are looking for a star dome or Astronomy stage show experience. To Add the WOW factor to their event!

inflatable planetarium

How will the dome be set up?

Auriga Astronomy will arrange with the teacher, deciding type of show, duration and content suitability.

The Auriga Star Dome can be booked for either a morning, afternoon or full days depending on the needs of the school or organisation.

Typically a group will come along to the hall where the planetarium has been set up. Dave our presenter will introduce the show and explain what will happen. Then the group are taken inside the Auriga Star Dome where the images are projected onto a 4m wide section of the dome, creating and IMAX like experience.

The incredible visual effects combined with the sound effects ensure that each visitor is taken on a wonderful learning journey.

You can read our reviews from previous visitors to the dome On as we believe in getting honest reviews not selective ones for you to see. 

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Auriga Star Dome
Auriga Star Dome
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