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As you can see below we have and operate TWO very different designs of portable planetarium.

They both have pluses and minuses and we use them for different types of show!

Our Portable Planetarium delivers interactive, immersive shows which teach children and adults all about the incredible world of Astronomy, space and some History too.

What is a typical show like? Portable Planetarium

We have delivered Portable Planetarium shows to all types of schools, including nurseries, primary, secondary and SEND,since 2002, as well as scout groups and other civic events. We can visit for a morning, afternoon, evening or a full day (sometimes plus the evening) whatever you wish.

On arrival, we will set up our portable planetarium follow the agreed timetable of shows (this can be arranged at the time of our visit, as we are very flexible). Groups will come to the planetarium and be taken inside by the presenter who will lead an spectacular show designed specifically for the group. We have many different types of show Most are Unique to us and which can be adapted to meet the needs of all out various audiences,

How long can I book the portable planetarium for?

coverageIf you are a school you can book us for either a half or a full day, and we offer a discount on multi day bookings. We will communicate with you in advance to arrange the length and types of the show where possible. Here you can find out more about our location and other astronomy places of interest.

How does the portable planetarium stay inflated?Mobile Planetarium

Air, that is ALL! Transported in a Bag like a Tent, It is inflated by a large fan. The air pressure inside holds it's shape and gravity (its weight) holds it down! The inside of the dome is made from a material which is designed to be projected on, when in total darkness, you really feel you are in space.

How many people can come into the dome at any given time?

Mobile Planetarium LibraryOur dome can accommodate 35 roughly in the dome at once (designed for a Primary class plus teachers). But there is some flexibility in this number age and size. The dome is very easy to access, we regularly have wheelchairs without any issue enjoying our shows. 

We have visited over 2000 different schools and given over 12,000 shows to over 400,000 people since we started. You can be 100% assured we know exactly what we are doing.

And remember,

We work WITH YOU, not tell you what you can have. We pride ourselves of Flexibility and Price!

inflatable planetarium

Our main Portable Planetarium for schools and indoor events is our ZIP entranced dome.

It is extremely accessible and SEND friendly, and ha s a truly superb projection surface.

However is is impossible to clean if it gets dirty, and it deflates during entrance and exit of the audience.

Portable Planetarium

Portable Planetarium

Due to the way we project inside the dome onto a standard (but HUGE) format (1080p HD)16:9 area, we can accommodate up to 20 chairs inside the dome, for public and disabled shows. This is not possible with 360 cinema style projections, which is one of many reasons we decided to stay projecting 'normally'!

Our 'Tunnel' entrance dome is mainly used for events when it is an a marquee.

It is slightly heavier, and less effected by wind in a marquee, the tunnel means you can enter and exit without the dome deflating.

However it is much harder to get wheelchairs into the dome, likewise people using sticks and frames.

AND some children find the tunnel 'scary'. We do light the tunnel to make it a space in itself, to try and solve this issue

Portable Planetarium

One downside of the Inflatable design of Portable Planetariums is they cannot be placed in the open air, they blow over, turn into a very expensive kite, and then maybe even fly off!

You can get a rigid plastic geodesic style dome, with a tent suspended inside, but they take days to erect, need a team to put up, are very expensive and to our knowledge there are no UK operators with one

Portable Planetarium
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