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Mobile Planetarium UK

Mobile Planetarium Mobile Planetarium UK- Auriga Astronomy Star Dome The AWARD WINNING Mobile Planetarium Mobile Planetarium UK- Auriga Astronomy Star Dome

Auriga Star Dome, Mobile Planetarium

& Astronomy Stage Shows,

brings YOU  Stunning Science shows to support:-

EYFS, KS1 Science, KS2 Science, KS3 Science, GCSE and A-Level curricula.

& Museums, Libraries and Events!

Dave (our Owner/Presenter) is an expert in his field! He has over 18 years of Astronomical Science communication experience, is a regular STEM contributor & Big Bang Fair Judge. You can be assured of a quality service and show with us!

mobile planetariumRead our Live reviews from clients on below

Since 2001 we have given over 10,000 individual show to over 300,000 people of ALL ages from Infants to Pensioners in our inflatable Planetarium! 

From large city school to small village primaries, from local W.I's to the BBC and National Trust!

YOU can be sure you are in safe hands when you BOOK US!


Mobile Planetarium UK

We are constantly working with agencies around the world to obtain the finest possible images for our shows.

We write and update roughly 3-4 new shows every year. Some of our 'Festival' shows are perfect for both Arts Festivals and General Events, but are also great for School Fete's etc

Book or Stardome and you will not be dissapointed! BUT contact us early as we get very busy!


  • We Create, Edit and Produce the majority of our Presentations!
    • Our School Shows, are Tailor Made to fit into the curriculum!
    •  Our shows are ALWAYS up to date!
    • We can select from only the FINEST HD clips and images for our films!
    • We do NOT show the same 'off the peg' films many use!
  •  Total Flexibility!
    • We will put our planetarium into places many simply won't!
    • Tight spaces are no problem (within reason)!
    • We can adjust the length of our shows to suit your timetable!
    • Our booking and Invoicing system is as simple as possible!
    • We take most forms of payment including cards!
  • S.E.N.D Friendly
    • Our dome is a zip-up, flat-floor, walk-in accessible design!
    • Wheelchair, Stick and Frame friendly!
    • Autism friendly!
    • We have created a unique method of signing in total darkness for blind students (staff have to Sign)!
  • Low demands on YOU!
    • We arrive around 8am carry our own equipment to the show location! (ground floor PLEASE)
    • We need a single 13 amp (normal electrical socket)!
    • We help create a timetable if needed!
    • We like a Coffee (but do not expect one, :-))

You want only the best for your Class, School or Group. 

They Deserve ONLY the BEST!

We offer the WIDEST range of high quality presenter led, Full HD A/V shows in the UK!

With over 10,000 shows performed, you can be sure our presenter knows what he is doing!

Our shows are ALWAYS pitched at the correct level for each audience!

We can easily target any specific area if needed! (just ask)

Different shows for different groups No Problem!

Dave our presenter is an Equity registered 'storyteller' of over 20 years experience! and gives his presentations in a stimulating and exciting way!

We carry £10m PLI, an Enhanced DBS and all our electrical equipment is PAT tested!

Mobile Planetarium UK- Auriga Astronomy Star Dome

Our 5m dome fits nicely into most Halls, Drama studios and even large classrooms or Science Labs. 

It has a 'footprint' i/c the fan box of 6m2 (but can go into slightly smaller spaces with a bit of juggling).

It is 3.5m High at its apex, again it can go into lower ceilings, (but anything lower than 3m has an impact of the show)

Its Zip-up, flat-floor entrance, is 100% disabled friendly (unlike many)!

We can easily accommodate a full class of most ages; we advise up to 35 primary, 30 secondary (both PLUS a couple of Teachers) and 25 Adults for a comfortable show. However adding more than a couple of chairs decreases the audience number. PLEASE ASK if you have special requirements or more than 2 wheelchairs per show! 

We have a HUGE catalogue of shows for more specific details see our shows page

Here is a listing of shows (by Audience type):-

  • EYFS/KS1
    • Moon Man Dan
    • Light and Dark
    • Lonely Spaceman


  • KS2:
    • The Earth, Sun, Moon and Solar System
    • The Earth, Sun, Moon and Apollo
    • The Mayans
    • The Egyptians
    • Our Beautiful Earth
    • The Search for Life
    • Man in Space
    • The Solar System (25 mins long in amazing detail)


  • KS3:
    • The Solar System and Beyond
    • The Earth sun,Moon and Solar System
    • Our Beautiful Earth
    • Cells
    • The Search for Life
    • The Solar System (25 mins long in amazing detail)


  • GCSE
    • The Lives of Stars
    • Red Shift
    • The Solar System and Beyond
    • The Solar System (25 mins long in amazing detail)


  • A Level
    • Our Place in the Universe
    • The Magnetic Universe
  • General Audience
    • Star Light
    • The Solar System (25 mins long in amazing HD detail)
    • From the Earth to the Moon (the story of the apollo missions and beyond)
    • the Search for life

We can add the Apollo missions to any shows as we have created 2 versions of different lengths!

We are creating 10 min Apollo shows to coincide with the 50th anniversary of EACH landing until Dec 2022!

*Most shows include a time in the dark looking at the STARS on and around the time of the show

As a Teacher or Event Organiser, you are always looking for new and exciting ways to support your work. To add enthusiasm and stimulate interest…so why choose a Mobile Planetarium?

Choosing in inflatable Star Dome for a school is cost effective, no travel costs, no staffing issues AND your class stays IN school all day, so you can follow up a visit to the planetarium with a lesson based upon what they have seen.

Mobile Planetarium school visits really do add the WOW factor to your lessons or events.

A Mobile Planetarium or Star Dome's presence brings excitement. It is a talking point, a focal point around which other activities can be performed, or on its own is a cost-effective way of supporting YOUR activities.

The Auriga Star Dome (Auriga Astronomy), is Unique among UK Mobile Planetariums/Planetaria:

You want someone reliable, who knows what they are doing and can communicate with their audience!

We are one of the longest operating Mobile Planetarium's (with the same owner/operator) Since 2001. Our Presenter Dave has been a registered Equity storyteller for over 15 yrs.

You want something different, not a Surround ‘cinema’ showing the same films are everyone else, who’s only difference is price!

We produce most of our own films, and they are Exclusive to us. And we update them regularly. We have written shows that cover KS2 Science, KS3 Science, GCSE SCience and A Level Science as well as Mayan and Egyptian History and update them if there are any changes to the curriculum. We are a Mobile Planetarium NOT a 360 Cinema showing bought in films! 

You want a business that you can work WITH…not one that takes over your working day and issues strict conditions!

We are flexible, we work with and around you to make the day run smoothly, we try and make our Mobile Planetarium fit into YOUR plans.

Therefore, you should choose US!

Even before the day of the show, we are available to discuss timetables, logistics, special requirements etc.

On the day we arrive around 8am (for a 9am start) Unload and set up the Planetarium, (a coffee is nice, but not critical) chat to the person organising the day, to see is there are any last minute changes and confirm the timings and show content and Show our DBS etc.

If the Mobile Planetarium has to come down for school dinners, we ensure its location makes it easy to pack away.

Before each show Dave will introduce himself, give a very brief safety talk, explain the rules of the Star Dome and what the audience will be seeing.

Then ‘In we go’ we walk straight in. If there are any wheelchairs in the group, we put them in first. The audience sits on the floor (as our Mobile Planetarium has not floor no need to take shows off) there are chairs put in for the staff if available.

Simply put, we are easy to work with, we try not to disrupt your working day and give your class or group the best possible mobile planetarium experience…at a very sensible price!

So Contact US today! and lets get started!

Mobile Planetarium

As well as our Mobile Planetarium, we can provide our Portable Cinema Screen for indoor or outdoor(in the dark) cinema style experiences. Perfect for fundraisers or parents evenings etc.

Our Dave is a regular STEM ambassador (Science Technology Engineering Maths) in the Midlands and the North. He firmly believes in doing voluntary work, furthering the public engagement of Science and helping children of school age in various STEM activities.

IF you have a STEM related event and need an ambassador like Dave, click the link and request a volunteer. Your local STEM coordinator can help and advise which ambassador would be most appropriate. STEM help with both Primary, Secondary and Home Schooling events. Their ambassadors are free!

Dave is also a regular and respected Judge at Big Bang fairs around the country. 

PLEASE NOTE Dave does NOT run his Mobile Planetarium as a free STEM activity, sorry!

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We are STILL WORKING! and NEED YOUR Bookings

We are still working, but presenting our shows as SPECTACULAR STAGE SHOWS!

Our shows are NOT  Illustrated lectures

Our Shows are Professionally Produced Sound, Light & Rear Screen Video productions

Presented led, they Give you the WOW factor, add AWE and Wonder!

But in a safe social distanced way!

Please continue to support us!

call 07876682348 or email us today to discuss how we can help each other:-)

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