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All about Our Star Dome, what is a star dome and why is Our Star Dome different. what you should look out for when you book a mobile planetarium, and why you should choose Our Star Dome over others.
Fixed Planetaria, where you sit in comfortable reclining seats and gaze at projections of the stars, or immersive films of space are very popular tourist attractions around the world.
A space Dome is similar, except you sit on the floor (or one of the few normal chairs around the edge) , BUT they come to your location, most fit into a school or church hall. they can accommodate 25-35 people at a time, and take all the hassle out of travelling to a fixed site. 
In addition, unlike any visitor attraction, where you see what is on offer that day, with a Space Dome/ Star Dome/Mobile Planetarium YOU can choose what you want to see.



How can the Star Dome help you?

The Auriga Star Dome provides Stunning, unique and exclusive planetarium shows that create a distinctive learning experience brought to your school or organisation. From the outside, it's an imposingly large dome, filled with air from an industrial fan. It is easily transported to schools, church halls or other areas where it is inflated.

Inside the dome, we have specialised visual and audio equipment which projects onto a 7m wide surface, giving a 'pseudo IMAX' experience. The environment created by the dome is as dark as a cinema and immerses the visitor into a wonderful experience of the universe!  

Because we use a traditional projection format, Limited number of chairs can be placed inside for those with disabilities. and we can write our own exclusive material, using Industry standard editing software.

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Dave is a member of 

Astronomers without Borders


We all share the same sky, and Astronomers Without Borders brings the world together to share our passion of astronomy and the wonders of the Universe.
Observing projects bring people together to share their activities with each other.
Support projects allow those in developed countries to share with others, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the wonders of the night sky.
Dave is also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, the UK professional body of Astronomers, and a member of Equity as a registered Storyteller due to his abilities in communication.
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Why Choose our Star Dome?

We have two Domes, both similar size. The regular one we use from day to day which has an easy access walk-in Flat-Floor and is very disabled friendly, and our older designed dome which has a crawl in Tunnel entrance. We ONLY use the second design for shows where we are located in Marquees, as it is slightly heavier and easier to clean.

Our planetariums can be set up in just about any large indoor space or in a marquee (with either a tarpaulin or better still a solid floor). This means you don’t need to travel to enjoy the experience. This makes our services very cost effective! 

It is an incredible way to learn about the wonders of space due to the stimulating environment our domes create.  Most sessions are led by our highly experienced presenter who is passionate about space and will happily answer questions from the learners at the end of a show. If you are looking to have visits from a Planetarium, the  Auriga Star Dome provides the perfect choice!

Our Star Dome

Astronomers without borders
Our Star Dome
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We also operate the UK's only Astronomy Stage Show, for larger groups and Hall sized presentations. Perfect for open evenings, Parents events, fund raisers and fete's/Fairs. Our Stage shows are also brilliant for maintaining Social Distancing.

Our Star Dome

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